Now we have a site where we are posting all are videos. Month of July through end of August was all dedicated to getting many UMUCers on tape. We have members of the MDE community, including faculty, graduates and supporters, and then we have managers (including the Dean of the Graduate School), who have followed the path of the program, and are here to celebrate the 10th anniversary with us. Thank you all for your contributions. We now, leave UMUC and move into other sites of Maryland, before expanding once more our horizons…

Several MDEers were present at the EDEN Annual Conference in Gdansk, June 2009. Carolina Suarez, together with Nick Allen and Thomas, were able to capture several MDE faculty members, and DE experts and old friends of the MDE. The video is coming soon, but Carolina has already a great post with her impressions of these encounters and the value of this opportunity. Thanks for sharing, Carolina!

These are guidelines for what to ask to interviewers or respond in case you are video-taping yourself.

What is the MDE Itinerant video project?

What is our goal?

Our goal is to build a collection of videos that share the “essence” of the MDE and the MDE community in celebration of its 10th anniversary. An itinerant video camera travels around the world to capture MDE students, graduates and faculty sharing some of their daily professional lives, the impact of the MDE in their professional development and their experiences and views of the future as distance educators. It will also capture thoughts from many MDE friends and supporters, and everyone’s best wishes for a “Happy 10th anniversary!”

This material will serve the purpose of portraying in video format a collection of vignettes under the umbrella name of “The MDE Community – 10 years enhancing distance education”

Why should the camera travel?

We could have done this in a distributed way, trying to have each one do their own recording. But, we have decided to have an MDE Itinerant Video Camera.

The physical act of sending a camera around the world illustrates and underscores the DISTANCE part of our community. The MDE faculty and learners have been meeting using all sorts of technology-based tools for almost ten years. Sometimes we forget  the thousands of miles between us… In recognizing this real distance through the traveling camera, we also celebrate the actual bridging the distance that represents the MDE throughout these 10 years.

We want to thank each and everyone who has made this possible!


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